Snapchat; filter edition!

So.. I recently acquired an iPhone for Christmas & upon doing so was advised by a friend to get snapchat. I was reluctant to download it because I had previously had the app installed last year on my old phone & it hadn’t thrilled me any. I quickly became bored with the app & deleted it after awhile to make space for other apps. But, my friend was persistent & advised me that they have added this wonderful new feature called “filters” & I should get the app ’cause it will be fun to snap each other. I finally got her to hush up by promising that I would at least give it a try. I looked the app up in my App Store and downloaded it but a few days passed before I actually opened it. To be honest, I had forgotten about it until I hung out with my friend again and she once again prompted me to get the app. I opened it up & to my surprise a lot has changed! Below are some pictures of what I found that I could now do with this beautiful feature called “filters”….

And upon finding out what I could do with these glorious “filters”, I became slightly addicted & I drove my friend crazy with snaps. I’m pretty sure I blew her phone up on the daily for at least a couple weeks, but she deserved it! What about getting me started with showing me such an amazing thing as “filters”?! So… with that being said, if you have a smart phone & want some chuckles, get snapchat & enjoy some filters! Happy snapping folks! 


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