Bath & Body Lotions For Dayyyyys!

It’s that time of year again!! Christmas! πŸŽ„ And one of my favorite things about Christmas is all the new scents that come out; candles that smell like santa’s cookies baking & air fresheners that smell like pine needles and I saved the best for last… -drum roll- Christmas scented lotions and body washes! Every year Bath & Body unveil new Christmas scents that you can usually only find through the months of November & December at their stores. Visiting their shops and trying the new scents is always one of my favorite things to do while Christmas shopping. This year they brought out several new scents but I’m going to rate three of them on a scale of 1-5, one being the least favorite & five being the most favorite. Below you will see a picture of the three scents I will be rating. 

Gingerbread Latte (left), Vanilla Bean Noel (middle), & Frosted Coconut Snowball (right)

First I would like to talk about Frosted Coconut Snowball. This lotion is smooth & creamy with a blue color to it & smells as the name suggests, a lot like coconuts. I am rating this product a one (1) but only because it is a holiday lotion & to me, personally, coconut is not a holiday scent. Coconuts remind me of beaches & palm trees 🌴 β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄, not snow and Christmas⛄️❄️. A summer vaycay maybe, but definitely not Christmas. And also Coconut scents are pretty popular & sold throughout the entire year, not just at Christmas. 

Moving on to the next lotion, Gingerbread Latte. This lotion is a lot like the other in texture as it is smooth and creamy as well, however it’s color & scent set it apart from all the rest. This charming little number is brown in color & smells just like a coffee house with a gingerbread factory in the back. The gingerbread & latte scents are very prominent & mix nicely together complimenting each other making my nose rate this product a three (3).

And finally, for the grand finale; the third lotion is Vanilla Bean Noel. This product, holding true to Bath & Body’s nature, is also smooth and creamy in texture but is yet widely different in various ways as well. It carries a green color to it making it very Christmas-y and it smells exactly as the name suggests like vanilla bean which makes my nostrils flair just thinking about it. I have to admit that I often use this product just to gratify my nose with the scent of it rather than for its actual purpose of moisturizing my skin. I rate this product a five (5), making it my all time favorite. I even liked it so good I bought the set of lotion & body wash too which is rare because normally scented body washes cause me to break out but Bath & Body doesn’t. It leaves my skin soft, clean and smooth while the wonderful scent lingers long after the shower is over. Wondering what to get that special someone for Christmas….? I would highly recommend this product. 

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post. What’s your favorite scent? Let me know in the comments below! 


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