iPhone vs Android

As I mentioned previously in my post, Snapchat; Filters Edition, I have recently acquired an iPhone for Christmas making me a happy member of the Apple family once again. You see, I had an iPhone 4 a few years back on a two year contract & when that ran out & we renewed our contract, I decided I wanted to try joining the Android family by getting a Samsung Galaxy S4. This was not my brightest decision to say the least… 

At first I loved my Samsung.. free music, free apps, a larger screen than the iPhone 4s and 5s and my absolute favorite quality about it was that I could split the screen and view two apps at once. I could have my text messages open as well as my facebook. So in between texts, while waiting for a reply back, I would scroll through my newsfeed. I was in love. 

Well that love stopped shortly & abruptly… After about 3 months of total bliss with my beautiful split screen & free music, my phone stopped charging and upon the lucky chance that I did get it to charge by holding the cord in a certain position, it wouldn’t hold charge for very long. I would plug the charger into the phone & into the wall and then leave it to charge like I always do & then upon my return looking to find a fully charged phone ready to meet all of my social media needs, I would find the exact opposite; a dead or almost dead phone that wasn’t ready to meet anyone’s needs. My heart was broken as I tried multiple things to try and charge my baby. I tried switching chargers from the original Samsung charger to a variety of chargers that I purchased. I tried switching plugin outlets to make sure that it wasn’t just my outlet that went bad. Nothing worked. Absolutely nothing. No matter what I tried or how hard I hoped. 

I resulted in making a visit to my service provider and upon consulting with the lady behind the counter who tried doing a hard reset on the phone to no avail, she advised me that she would have to send the phone to Samsung & let them warranty it. She determined that my charging port was the problem not my charger cord or my battery but my port where you actually insert the cord.  So, needless to say, I sent my beautiful white, multi screen, free music & ringtone phone off and while I patiently waited for its return I had to use my iPhone 4. (It’s a good thing I had kept my old phone cause it sure come in handy. Once again Apple saved the day!) 

I checked in with the lady from my local office every few days to see if my lovely had been returned but unfortunately my phone was gone for approximately 5 weeks. And that was supposedly fast because when she first sent it off, the lady advised me that the normal wait time was 6-8 weeks. When I finally got my phone back, Samsung had replaced the charging port and had also supplied me with a new battery as well since I was having so many problems with mine holding charge. I was appreciative of all that Samsung did and returned home happy and hopeful to once again have my beautiful galaxy back in my grasp and to have it fully functioning like it was supposed to.

This happiness lasted for about a month & then my phone started glitching really badly. I would be using my split screen feature & it would freeze up the phone completely or at the very least crash one of the apps. It continued to do this so much that I turned the option for split screen off in settings & decided not to use my favorite feature of the phone because it was more trouble than it was worth. But then my phone started freezing & crashing upon doing other tasks like downloading music or downloading a picture that someone sent me via text message. It got so bad that I dreaded trying to download music cause I knew it was going to glitch my phone so I avoided the process and would just use my cellular data or wifi to play the song on YouTube if I needed to hear it. I also avoided having someone text me a picture, I would instead of asking them to text it to me, ask them to send it via a facebook message because it was easier for me to receive pictures that way than to try and download it from text. 

These glitches became very frustrating as they made using my phone an unpleasant experience & something that I grew to dread rather than looked forward to. I debated on getting a different phone but I was signed into a two year contract with my service provider and so I either had to pay my contract out (which was rather expensive) or deal with this phone for the duration of the contract. I reluctantly chose to do the latter. I dealt with my Samsung for 18 long months of the 24 months I was supposed to & then upon becoming even more frustrated with it I paid the contract out early and chose my beautiful iPhone 6s Plus. I must say, as the song goes, “reunited and it feels so good!” That accurately describes how I feel about my Apple experience. Choosing to rejoin the Apple family has been one of the best decisions I have made in awhile. 

In conclusion, to anyone that is faced with the decision of which phone to get, I would just like to advise you to make sure you weigh all the pros & cons of each. And even then do some research & read some reviews about each. I’m not supporting Apple by no means, because I have to say that there are some things that I down right hate about Apple, such as the price of their products & then the fact that they charge you for music and ringtones, however I do give credit where credit is due & as far as operating systems, there is no better than Apple. 

Got an iPhone? Got an android? Leave your opinions below about which phone you prefer & the positives as well as the drawbacks to each. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow for more posts like this in the future. Have a great day! 

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