Face Paint🎨 

Recently last month I had purchased some Halloween face paint that had been placed on sale due to the holiday being over. I had initially planned on using the paint for some late Halloween fun or simply putting it in my stash & saving it over for next year, but last night while digging through my craft supplies I run across my face paint & I just couldn’t resist enjoying it a little bit. 

As soon as I opened the package & inhaled the sweet scent of the paint fumes my gears started turning with ideas & I instantly knew a masterpiece would be made with my own bare hands and that wonderful paint. 

I could have painted my own face of course but that requires mirrors & drawing things backwards because the mirror causes things to reflect a certain way… and I just didn’t want to take on that big of a task, especially when it’s much more fun to paint my best friend’s face! I mean after all, what are best friends for? 😜

My best friend, Peaches (that’s her nickname that I call her), has seen that look in my eye that I get when I come across a good crafting idea & she knew all to well when I came at her smiling with paint in my hands that there was no use in trying to discourage me. Needless to say within just a few minutes her face was completely covered in white, pasty, paint and she somewhat resembled a mime which I found to be hilarious. At one point I was laughing so hard I couldn’t apply the paint & she was laughing so hard she couldn’t sit still for me to apply it. We had a blast. 

And you know what made it even more fun?! It being so close to Christmas and all, I used the Halloween paint to draw Christmas designs on her face. Below are some pictures of my designs…. (shout out to Peaches for being my patient face paint model)

As you can see above I glamoured my friend up with a tree on one cheek & a present on the other! And then the fun continued when she decided to have some fun with glamoring up my face…

Obviously she wasn’t as nice to me as I was her. I drew cutesy trees and gifts on her face and then she returns my favor by drawing mustaches, goatees and a unibrow on me. She claims that she was going for the Anthony Davis look when drawing on the unibrow but I think she just wanted to mess with me & that was her excuse. 

At any rate, we had a lot of fun & I would recommend doing this craft/project anytime of year as it caused a lot of joy & laughter to take place. The paint was purchased at the dollar store at a really good price, also it went on quickly and came off easily with warm water.


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