Call Of Duty: Ghosts

This past Christmas I was given Call of Duty: Ghosts as a gift (Xbox 360) & since then I have invested numerous hours into this game already. In fact, enjoying a victory on team death match was how I recently celebrated ringing in the new year! Needless to say… I’m slightly addicted.

To be honest at first I didn’t think I would like Ghosts. I had gotten Black Ops II shortly after it was released & I instantly fell in love with the game. So much so that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy any other COD game because I knew with every new game came changes… different maps, different guns, and different techniques and game play. 

I just really loved Black Ops II and so my way of thinking was; ‘why mess with perfection?’ I didn’t want to waste my time learning how to play a new game when I could be kicking butt on my old one. But after playing Ghosts, my way of thinking changed. Big time.

I now wouldn’t have it any other way. If someone mentions playing, my face instantly lights up in a smile. My best friend knows that if I’m in a bad mood, a few rounds of Ghosts perks me right up. 

I have found that playing the game actually reduces my stress level, allows me to vent safely & is a good way to meet new people. If I’m upset I can pick up my controller, play a few rounds of Ghosts & be fine in no time. I usually within a few minutes forget that I was even upset or at least what I was upset about. Playing the game gets my mind off of it as I have to concentrate on playing. 

Also there are thousands of people who play Ghosts online & I have found that by playing the game via multiplayer I make new friends through gameplay. We are placed in the game together as teammates & while working together to get a victory we start talking/socializing & become friends talking about an interest/hobby we have in common; the game.

Also, another thing I enjoyed about Ghosts is that the controls & initial gameplay is the same… for instance my right trigger button is still how I fire my gun in both Black Ops II & Ghosts. Also my left trigger button is how I aim my gun in both games. And as for the initial gameplay, the objective of both games is to shoot & kill. Team death match (one of my fav subcategories) is still available & my best friend thoroughly enjoys gun game, (another subcategory).

These sub categories are per say mini games that can be played with multiple players making them fun & socialble. There’s also what is called a campaign that can be played but it is more of the story behind the game. There is gameplay during campaign but more story & less game than in multiplayer options. 

All in all I love both games, Black Ops II & Ghosts, but I have to say I have a new favorite; Ghosts. It is absolutely amazing & my friend knew exactly what she was doing when she picked it out for my Christmas gift. If anyone is looking to checkout a good shooter game, I would highly recommend this one. It’s fun, challenging, and the price was recently reduced at Walmart

The game can now be purchased for around $20 at Walmart & around $17 on Xbox live. eBay has it for even lower rates, you just have to watch who you’re buying it from & make sure the seller has a moderately high rating because you sure don’t want to receive a damaged disc and not be able to enjoy your game.

Once again thanks for reading! Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas & New Years! Have a great day & remember to keep it simple with a side of sass! 

P.S. I have been asked a few times for my Xbox gamer tag so I am just going to provide it below. If you would like, feel free to add me & we will play! I not only enjoy COD games but also, minecraft, red dead redemption, lego batman, payday 2 & others. Add me & let’s start playing!

Gamer tag: T3RM1NAT0R714


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