Life Before & After Getting A Cat 🐱 

So last week on Easter Sunday, I got a fluffy, orange, cute little ball of furr. Hands down this little guy has caused me an abundance of happiness and more love than I have ever known. However, it’s not all sparkles and unicorns at every given minute. I’m going to share with you what my life was like before I got my little bundle of furry cuteness and also how it has been altered after receiving him.

Before (aka the good ole days):

  • Clean apartment
  • Quiet apartment
  • Easily travel & spend multiple nights away from home
  • Extra spending money
  • Lonesome at times


  • Apartment is a disaster area and you should proceed with caution…. Is that poop in the corner or mud from my shoe? Possibly poop, my kitten is still litter box training & is prone to accidents. Is that litter in the floor?!?! Yeah, sometimes he gets a little too excited when covering up his potties.
  • Dishes are always piled up in the sink — who has time to wash those anymore?
  • Sleepless nights — kitten sleeps all day while I am at work then when I get home it’s play time! 
  • Quiet? What’s that???? “Meow!” “Purr!”
  • Travel just isn’t what it used to be— I now have to consider who will feed/water my baby if I am away for more than a day. And also empty his litter box! 
  • Being broke — “We need litter again?! I just bought some last month! What? We need cat food too?!”
  • I can’t ever find my phone charger anymore — the kitten enjoys playing with it & often drags it off into various rooms and under numerous pieces of furniture.
  • Never a lonesome moment — 24 hour companionship, he follows me everywhere right on my heels (even to the bathroom!)

As you can see, ⬆️⬆️ πŸ‘€, learning to live with my little fur ball has been quiet an adventure. I will have to say tho, I love him more each day & I wouldn’t take my clean apartment & peace and quiet back not for one day if it meant not having him around. Among the sleepless nights & many hours of poop scooping, I have also had numerous laughs, purrs & heart warming moments. My little guy is named Simba and I am proud to be his momma! 
Got a kitten/cat? Thinking about getting one? Got some other kind of pet? Tell me! I would love to hear from you! 


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