5 Apps If You Are Financially Struggling…

Below I have put together a list of the 5 most important apps you should have on your phone. 

  1. Ibotta – This app allows you to earn money while you shop! I personally have been using this app for over 6 months now & have already cashed out once. I love it! Unlike its competitors, ibotta allows you to actually get cash back through your PayPal account where as the other apps give you gift cards which limit your spending to one place. That’s one of the apps best features. How it works: you choose a store that you shop at often, (there are many stores to choose from that support ibotta) and then the app shows you all the coupons that are available for that store, for instance I normally shop at Walmart for groceries & the just last week I got 50 cents back on a half gallen of milk, any brand & I got 75 cents off a carton of eggs as well as $5 off on a blender bottle. If you use this app every time you shop, you will rack up dollars pretty fast.
  2. Achievemint – This app allows you to earn money just by doing everyday activities such as walking and sleeping. Yes, you heard me, it pays you to sleep! How it works: the app links to your Fitbit or your phone if you don’t have a Fitbit & it tracks your steps and monitors your sleeping. For every so many steps or hours slept you earn points in the app & after you earn 10,000 points you can cash out with $10. Now granted this app doesn’t allow you to rack up some serious money fast, but never the less, it does allow you to earn money & while you sleep! I don’t know anyone else that’s going to pay you for getting 8 hours of sleep.
  3. InboxDollars – This app allows you to earn extra money just by answering survey questions & giving your opinion. Also the app allows other options to earn such as watching videos & playing games. Another great plus to getting this app is you immediately are given $5.00 just for signing up & downloading it! Who doesn’t like a free $5.00?? I often use this app while I am waiting at a Dr’s office or any down time I have at home. 
  4. Score&Report – Yes, this is an app and it is very helpful for those of us who want to monitor our credit scores. This app provides your current credit score as well as how that score is determined. It lets you see all of your open accounts at a glance & how much you owe. It also gives you statistics such as how much of your credit you have utilized & how much credit you have left available. I personally struggle with my finances & debt therefore, I rely on this app often & love how easy it is to use and how helpful it is. Also one of its many perks is, if you see an acct has been opened and you didn’t open it, you can file a complaint right then and there through the app to trans union credit bureau where they will investigate the fraud & put a hold on the acct.
  5. Stash Invest – This is one of the most recent apps I downloaded & I have to say I waited so long to get it after it came our because I was a little weary of it. But much to my surprise it has became one of my favorites in no time flat. This app allows you to invest small amounts of money into large stocks and then with the rise & fall of the stock market you either earn or lose money. Now this isn’t a get rich quick scheme and granted you may lose some money, so this app isn’t for everyone. But if you have ever thought about investing before but didn’t want to dive into it, this is your wading pool where you can wade out a little at a time as you are comfortable. And one amazing thing I loved about this app is I started out with just investing $5.00 & then as I watched that little token of money increase and decrease and then increase again, I slowly began to add to it. After about a week of monitoring the initial $5, I added 5 more and made my portfolio worth $10.00 and then that $10 started to grow. Granted it grows slowly but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and if it grows 1% a day, that’s still progress. 

As stated above, this is a list of apps that I have combined to help fellow financially struggling people just like myself. I have personally downloaded and am currently using every app that is listed. Hope you find this list useful, thanks for reading & have a good day! 


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