5 Apps If You Are Financially Struggling…

Below I have put together a list of the 5 most important apps you should have on your phone. 

  1. Ibotta – This app allows you to earn money while you shop! I personally have been using this app for over 6 months now & have already cashed out once. I love it! Unlike its competitors, ibotta allows you to actually get cash back through your PayPal account where as the other apps give you gift cards which limit your spending to one place. That’s one of the apps best features. How it works: you choose a store that you shop at often, (there are many stores to choose from that support ibotta) and then the app shows you all the coupons that are available for that store, for instance I normally shop at Walmart for groceries & the just last week I got 50 cents back on a half gallen of milk, any brand & I got 75 cents off a carton of eggs as well as $5 off on a blender bottle. If you use this app every time you shop, you will rack up dollars pretty fast.
  2. Achievemint – This app allows you to earn money just by doing everyday activities such as walking and sleeping. Yes, you heard me, it pays you to sleep! How it works: the app links to your Fitbit or your phone if you don’t have a Fitbit & it tracks your steps and monitors your sleeping. For every so many steps or hours slept you earn points in the app & after you earn 10,000 points you can cash out with $10. Now granted this app doesn’t allow you to rack up some serious money fast, but never the less, it does allow you to earn money & while you sleep! I don’t know anyone else that’s going to pay you for getting 8 hours of sleep.
  3. InboxDollars – This app allows you to earn extra money just by answering survey questions & giving your opinion. Also the app allows other options to earn such as watching videos & playing games. Another great plus to getting this app is you immediately are given $5.00 just for signing up & downloading it! Who doesn’t like a free $5.00?? I often use this app while I am waiting at a Dr’s office or any down time I have at home. 
  4. Score&Report – Yes, this is an app and it is very helpful for those of us who want to monitor our credit scores. This app provides your current credit score as well as how that score is determined. It lets you see all of your open accounts at a glance & how much you owe. It also gives you statistics such as how much of your credit you have utilized & how much credit you have left available. I personally struggle with my finances & debt therefore, I rely on this app often & love how easy it is to use and how helpful it is. Also one of its many perks is, if you see an acct has been opened and you didn’t open it, you can file a complaint right then and there through the app to trans union credit bureau where they will investigate the fraud & put a hold on the acct.
  5. Stash Invest – This is one of the most recent apps I downloaded & I have to say I waited so long to get it after it came our because I was a little weary of it. But much to my surprise it has became one of my favorites in no time flat. This app allows you to invest small amounts of money into large stocks and then with the rise & fall of the stock market you either earn or lose money. Now this isn’t a get rich quick scheme and granted you may lose some money, so this app isn’t for everyone. But if you have ever thought about investing before but didn’t want to dive into it, this is your wading pool where you can wade out a little at a time as you are comfortable. And one amazing thing I loved about this app is I started out with just investing $5.00 & then as I watched that little token of money increase and decrease and then increase again, I slowly began to add to it. After about a week of monitoring the initial $5, I added 5 more and made my portfolio worth $10.00 and then that $10 started to grow. Granted it grows slowly but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day and if it grows 1% a day, that’s still progress. 

As stated above, this is a list of apps that I have combined to help fellow financially struggling people just like myself. I have personally downloaded and am currently using every app that is listed. Hope you find this list useful, thanks for reading & have a good day! 


Life Before & After Getting A Cat 🐱 

So last week on Easter Sunday, I got a fluffy, orange, cute little ball of furr. Hands down this little guy has caused me an abundance of happiness and more love than I have ever known. However, it’s not all sparkles and unicorns at every given minute. I’m going to share with you what my life was like before I got my little bundle of furry cuteness and also how it has been altered after receiving him.

Before (aka the good ole days):

  • Clean apartment
  • Quiet apartment
  • Easily travel & spend multiple nights away from home
  • Extra spending money
  • Lonesome at times


  • Apartment is a disaster area and you should proceed with caution…. Is that poop in the corner or mud from my shoe? Possibly poop, my kitten is still litter box training & is prone to accidents. Is that litter in the floor?!?! Yeah, sometimes he gets a little too excited when covering up his potties.
  • Dishes are always piled up in the sink — who has time to wash those anymore?
  • Sleepless nights — kitten sleeps all day while I am at work then when I get home it’s play time! 
  • Quiet? What’s that???? “Meow!” “Purr!”
  • Travel just isn’t what it used to be— I now have to consider who will feed/water my baby if I am away for more than a day. And also empty his litter box! 
  • Being broke — “We need litter again?! I just bought some last month! What? We need cat food too?!”
  • I can’t ever find my phone charger anymore — the kitten enjoys playing with it & often drags it off into various rooms and under numerous pieces of furniture.
  • Never a lonesome moment — 24 hour companionship, he follows me everywhere right on my heels (even to the bathroom!)

As you can see, ⬆️⬆️ πŸ‘€, learning to live with my little fur ball has been quiet an adventure. I will have to say tho, I love him more each day & I wouldn’t take my clean apartment & peace and quiet back not for one day if it meant not having him around. Among the sleepless nights & many hours of poop scooping, I have also had numerous laughs, purrs & heart warming moments. My little guy is named Simba and I am proud to be his momma! 
Got a kitten/cat? Thinking about getting one? Got some other kind of pet? Tell me! I would love to hear from you! 

Call Of Duty: Ghosts

This past Christmas I was given Call of Duty: Ghosts as a gift (Xbox 360) & since then I have invested numerous hours into this game already. In fact, enjoying a victory on team death match was how I recently celebrated ringing in the new year! Needless to say… I’m slightly addicted.

To be honest at first I didn’t think I would like Ghosts. I had gotten Black Ops II shortly after it was released & I instantly fell in love with the game. So much so that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy any other COD game because I knew with every new game came changes… different maps, different guns, and different techniques and game play. 

I just really loved Black Ops II and so my way of thinking was; ‘why mess with perfection?’ I didn’t want to waste my time learning how to play a new game when I could be kicking butt on my old one. But after playing Ghosts, my way of thinking changed. Big time.

I now wouldn’t have it any other way. If someone mentions playing, my face instantly lights up in a smile. My best friend knows that if I’m in a bad mood, a few rounds of Ghosts perks me right up. 

I have found that playing the game actually reduces my stress level, allows me to vent safely & is a good way to meet new people. If I’m upset I can pick up my controller, play a few rounds of Ghosts & be fine in no time. I usually within a few minutes forget that I was even upset or at least what I was upset about. Playing the game gets my mind off of it as I have to concentrate on playing. 

Also there are thousands of people who play Ghosts online & I have found that by playing the game via multiplayer I make new friends through gameplay. We are placed in the game together as teammates & while working together to get a victory we start talking/socializing & become friends talking about an interest/hobby we have in common; the game.

Also, another thing I enjoyed about Ghosts is that the controls & initial gameplay is the same… for instance my right trigger button is still how I fire my gun in both Black Ops II & Ghosts. Also my left trigger button is how I aim my gun in both games. And as for the initial gameplay, the objective of both games is to shoot & kill. Team death match (one of my fav subcategories) is still available & my best friend thoroughly enjoys gun game, (another subcategory).

These sub categories are per say mini games that can be played with multiple players making them fun & socialble. There’s also what is called a campaign that can be played but it is more of the story behind the game. There is gameplay during campaign but more story & less game than in multiplayer options. 

All in all I love both games, Black Ops II & Ghosts, but I have to say I have a new favorite; Ghosts. It is absolutely amazing & my friend knew exactly what she was doing when she picked it out for my Christmas gift. If anyone is looking to checkout a good shooter game, I would highly recommend this one. It’s fun, challenging, and the price was recently reduced at Walmart

The game can now be purchased for around $20 at Walmart & around $17 on Xbox live. eBay has it for even lower rates, you just have to watch who you’re buying it from & make sure the seller has a moderately high rating because you sure don’t want to receive a damaged disc and not be able to enjoy your game.

Once again thanks for reading! Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas & New Years! Have a great day & remember to keep it simple with a side of sass! 

P.S. I have been asked a few times for my Xbox gamer tag so I am just going to provide it below. If you would like, feel free to add me & we will play! I not only enjoy COD games but also, minecraft, red dead redemption, lego batman, payday 2 & others. Add me & let’s start playing!

Gamer tag: T3RM1NAT0R714


Louis L’Amour once said, “The only thing that never changes is that everything changes.”

As 2016 comes to an end, I’m looking back over this glorious year & Im finding the quote above to be more true with everyday that I look back on. There is only a week left in this year and a lot certainly has changed… below I have concluded a list of all the changes good and bad that have taken place this year.

  • An election was held just last month & as of next January, we are going to have a new president; Donald Trump.
  • The price of gas has fluctuated many times over the past year.
  • I’ve had a change of employement this year.
  • My bestfriend & I started talking again after not having spoke in 2 years.
  • I got a new car this year. 
  • I began my search for a house/apartment this year in order to move out on my own.
  • I went to the Dixie stampede this year in TN. 
  • I visited Build-A-Bear workshop for the first time.

All of these events & changes  took place this year & I only hope that 2017 is filled with even more surprises. Here’s looking forward to the new year & new memories! 🍻

Face Paint🎨 

Recently last month I had purchased some Halloween face paint that had been placed on sale due to the holiday being over. I had initially planned on using the paint for some late Halloween fun or simply putting it in my stash & saving it over for next year, but last night while digging through my craft supplies I run across my face paint & I just couldn’t resist enjoying it a little bit. 

As soon as I opened the package & inhaled the sweet scent of the paint fumes my gears started turning with ideas & I instantly knew a masterpiece would be made with my own bare hands and that wonderful paint. 

I could have painted my own face of course but that requires mirrors & drawing things backwards because the mirror causes things to reflect a certain way… and I just didn’t want to take on that big of a task, especially when it’s much more fun to paint my best friend’s face! I mean after all, what are best friends for? 😜

My best friend, Peaches (that’s her nickname that I call her), has seen that look in my eye that I get when I come across a good crafting idea & she knew all to well when I came at her smiling with paint in my hands that there was no use in trying to discourage me. Needless to say within just a few minutes her face was completely covered in white, pasty, paint and she somewhat resembled a mime which I found to be hilarious. At one point I was laughing so hard I couldn’t apply the paint & she was laughing so hard she couldn’t sit still for me to apply it. We had a blast. 

And you know what made it even more fun?! It being so close to Christmas and all, I used the Halloween paint to draw Christmas designs on her face. Below are some pictures of my designs…. (shout out to Peaches for being my patient face paint model)

As you can see above I glamoured my friend up with a tree on one cheek & a present on the other! And then the fun continued when she decided to have some fun with glamoring up my face…

Obviously she wasn’t as nice to me as I was her. I drew cutesy trees and gifts on her face and then she returns my favor by drawing mustaches, goatees and a unibrow on me. She claims that she was going for the Anthony Davis look when drawing on the unibrow but I think she just wanted to mess with me & that was her excuse. 

At any rate, we had a lot of fun & I would recommend doing this craft/project anytime of year as it caused a lot of joy & laughter to take place. The paint was purchased at the dollar store at a really good price, also it went on quickly and came off easily with warm water.

iPhone vs Android

As I mentioned previously in my post, Snapchat; Filters Edition, I have recently acquired an iPhone for Christmas making me a happy member of the Apple family once again. You see, I had an iPhone 4 a few years back on a two year contract & when that ran out & we renewed our contract, I decided I wanted to try joining the Android family by getting a Samsung Galaxy S4. This was not my brightest decision to say the least… 

At first I loved my Samsung.. free music, free apps, a larger screen than the iPhone 4s and 5s and my absolute favorite quality about it was that I could split the screen and view two apps at once. I could have my text messages open as well as my facebook. So in between texts, while waiting for a reply back, I would scroll through my newsfeed. I was in love. 

Well that love stopped shortly & abruptly… After about 3 months of total bliss with my beautiful split screen & free music, my phone stopped charging and upon the lucky chance that I did get it to charge by holding the cord in a certain position, it wouldn’t hold charge for very long. I would plug the charger into the phone & into the wall and then leave it to charge like I always do & then upon my return looking to find a fully charged phone ready to meet all of my social media needs, I would find the exact opposite; a dead or almost dead phone that wasn’t ready to meet anyone’s needs. My heart was broken as I tried multiple things to try and charge my baby. I tried switching chargers from the original Samsung charger to a variety of chargers that I purchased. I tried switching plugin outlets to make sure that it wasn’t just my outlet that went bad. Nothing worked. Absolutely nothing. No matter what I tried or how hard I hoped. 

I resulted in making a visit to my service provider and upon consulting with the lady behind the counter who tried doing a hard reset on the phone to no avail, she advised me that she would have to send the phone to Samsung & let them warranty it. She determined that my charging port was the problem not my charger cord or my battery but my port where you actually insert the cord.  So, needless to say, I sent my beautiful white, multi screen, free music & ringtone phone off and while I patiently waited for its return I had to use my iPhone 4. (It’s a good thing I had kept my old phone cause it sure come in handy. Once again Apple saved the day!) 

I checked in with the lady from my local office every few days to see if my lovely had been returned but unfortunately my phone was gone for approximately 5 weeks. And that was supposedly fast because when she first sent it off, the lady advised me that the normal wait time was 6-8 weeks. When I finally got my phone back, Samsung had replaced the charging port and had also supplied me with a new battery as well since I was having so many problems with mine holding charge. I was appreciative of all that Samsung did and returned home happy and hopeful to once again have my beautiful galaxy back in my grasp and to have it fully functioning like it was supposed to.

This happiness lasted for about a month & then my phone started glitching really badly. I would be using my split screen feature & it would freeze up the phone completely or at the very least crash one of the apps. It continued to do this so much that I turned the option for split screen off in settings & decided not to use my favorite feature of the phone because it was more trouble than it was worth. But then my phone started freezing & crashing upon doing other tasks like downloading music or downloading a picture that someone sent me via text message. It got so bad that I dreaded trying to download music cause I knew it was going to glitch my phone so I avoided the process and would just use my cellular data or wifi to play the song on YouTube if I needed to hear it. I also avoided having someone text me a picture, I would instead of asking them to text it to me, ask them to send it via a facebook message because it was easier for me to receive pictures that way than to try and download it from text. 

These glitches became very frustrating as they made using my phone an unpleasant experience & something that I grew to dread rather than looked forward to. I debated on getting a different phone but I was signed into a two year contract with my service provider and so I either had to pay my contract out (which was rather expensive) or deal with this phone for the duration of the contract. I reluctantly chose to do the latter. I dealt with my Samsung for 18 long months of the 24 months I was supposed to & then upon becoming even more frustrated with it I paid the contract out early and chose my beautiful iPhone 6s Plus. I must say, as the song goes, “reunited and it feels so good!” That accurately describes how I feel about my Apple experience. Choosing to rejoin the Apple family has been one of the best decisions I have made in awhile. 

In conclusion, to anyone that is faced with the decision of which phone to get, I would just like to advise you to make sure you weigh all the pros & cons of each. And even then do some research & read some reviews about each. I’m not supporting Apple by no means, because I have to say that there are some things that I down right hate about Apple, such as the price of their products & then the fact that they charge you for music and ringtones, however I do give credit where credit is due & as far as operating systems, there is no better than Apple. 

Got an iPhone? Got an android? Leave your opinions below about which phone you prefer & the positives as well as the drawbacks to each. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow for more posts like this in the future. Have a great day! 

Apple logo

Samsung logo

Bath & Body Lotions For Dayyyyys!

It’s that time of year again!! Christmas! πŸŽ„ And one of my favorite things about Christmas is all the new scents that come out; candles that smell like santa’s cookies baking & air fresheners that smell like pine needles and I saved the best for last… -drum roll- Christmas scented lotions and body washes! Every year Bath & Body unveil new Christmas scents that you can usually only find through the months of November & December at their stores. Visiting their shops and trying the new scents is always one of my favorite things to do while Christmas shopping. This year they brought out several new scents but I’m going to rate three of them on a scale of 1-5, one being the least favorite & five being the most favorite. Below you will see a picture of the three scents I will be rating. 

Gingerbread Latte (left), Vanilla Bean Noel (middle), & Frosted Coconut Snowball (right)

First I would like to talk about Frosted Coconut Snowball. This lotion is smooth & creamy with a blue color to it & smells as the name suggests, a lot like coconuts. I am rating this product a one (1) but only because it is a holiday lotion & to me, personally, coconut is not a holiday scent. Coconuts remind me of beaches & palm trees 🌴 β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄, not snow and Christmas⛄️❄️. A summer vaycay maybe, but definitely not Christmas. And also Coconut scents are pretty popular & sold throughout the entire year, not just at Christmas. 

Moving on to the next lotion, Gingerbread Latte. This lotion is a lot like the other in texture as it is smooth and creamy as well, however it’s color & scent set it apart from all the rest. This charming little number is brown in color & smells just like a coffee house with a gingerbread factory in the back. The gingerbread & latte scents are very prominent & mix nicely together complimenting each other making my nose rate this product a three (3).

And finally, for the grand finale; the third lotion is Vanilla Bean Noel. This product, holding true to Bath & Body’s nature, is also smooth and creamy in texture but is yet widely different in various ways as well. It carries a green color to it making it very Christmas-y and it smells exactly as the name suggests like vanilla bean which makes my nostrils flair just thinking about it. I have to admit that I often use this product just to gratify my nose with the scent of it rather than for its actual purpose of moisturizing my skin. I rate this product a five (5), making it my all time favorite. I even liked it so good I bought the set of lotion & body wash too which is rare because normally scented body washes cause me to break out but Bath & Body doesn’t. It leaves my skin soft, clean and smooth while the wonderful scent lingers long after the shower is over. Wondering what to get that special someone for Christmas….? I would highly recommend this product. 

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed my post. What’s your favorite scent? Let me know in the comments below! 

Snapchat; filter edition!

So.. I recently acquired an iPhone for Christmas & upon doing so was advised by a friend to get snapchat. I was reluctant to download it because I had previously had the app installed last year on my old phone & it hadn’t thrilled me any. I quickly became bored with the app & deleted it after awhile to make space for other apps. But, my friend was persistent & advised me that they have added this wonderful new feature called “filters” & I should get the app ’cause it will be fun to snap each other. I finally got her to hush up by promising that I would at least give it a try. I looked the app up in my App Store and downloaded it but a few days passed before I actually opened it. To be honest, I had forgotten about it until I hung out with my friend again and she once again prompted me to get the app. I opened it up & to my surprise a lot has changed! Below are some pictures of what I found that I could now do with this beautiful feature called “filters”….

And upon finding out what I could do with these glorious “filters”, I became slightly addicted & I drove my friend crazy with snaps. I’m pretty sure I blew her phone up on the daily for at least a couple weeks, but she deserved it! What about getting me started with showing me such an amazing thing as “filters”?! So… with that being said, if you have a smart phone & want some chuckles, get snapchat & enjoy some filters! Happy snapping folks! 

String Art in 7 Easy Steps!

Looking for a fun craft to do this winter while it’s cold outside? Consider string art! After hearing a lot about this craft, I recently attempted the activity myself & I must say, it was one of the most interesting I have engaged in this winter. Now keep in mind, it does involve some tools, (wood plaque, hammer & nails) but the finished product is well worth it. If you think you might be interested in partaking in this adventurous craft, I have listed the steps for doing so as well as pictures below.


What you will need:

  • Wood plaque
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • String (color of your choice)
  • Paint (optional)
  • Patience (πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚)

–You can find most of these materials at a hardware store, craft store, or super center such as Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or JoAnns. After gathering materials, see instructions below for step by step on completing the craft. —



  1. You will need to find a design that you wish to make. I looked at some samples on Pinterest & after careful consideration, I chose batman. (Anyone who knows me, wouldn’t find this surprising as I am slightly a batman fanatic.)
  2. After deciding what design you would like to do, print out a picture of that design and make sure it will fit on your wood plaque.
  3. After deciding what design you are doing, you may paint your wood plaque any color you wish that corresponds to the design. img_0389For example; I knew I was going to be doing batman so I painted my wooden plaque yellow & chose black string. (This step is optional as you are not required to paint your plaque but it does make the finished product look more polished & who doesn’t love painting?!)
  4. After allowing the paint on your wooden img_0391plaque to dry, you may place your printed design on the plaque & begin to hammer nails into it creating the outline of your design. (Make sure to leave the nails sticking out of the wood at least a quarter inch, DO NOT hammer them all the way into the wood.)
  5. After you have completed the outline carefully pull the paper away from theimg_0392 nails simply leaving your painted plaque exposed with your design outlined in nails.
  6. At this time you may begin the most fun part of the craft which is wrapping the img_0393string around the nails. First and foremost, make sure to go around your entire outline and then begin stretching the string in various patterns across your design making sure to stay inside the outline.
  7. Once you have gotten your outline filled in completely with string, you may lap it around a nail, tie it off & tada! You have a finished string art craft to show off to the world!


Hope you enjoyed this craft, subscribe to my blog (Sassy Simple Sha) for more posts like this one to be sent to your email! Have a great day & happy crafting!